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First off, thanks for taking some of that rare and precious grownup time of yours to stop by and check out a little more about me!

My name is Cat. and I’m a past Emergency Medical Technician & Emergency Room Technician gone “Homemaker”.

(At least that’s what my Tax Lady told me I’m now called.”)

Do you remember the first time you were called “Momma”? I sure do.
I’m completely flattered you’re here to read about me! I might even be blushing a little. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee or some tea and cozy up for my story below!     
(*Length: 25 minutes)
*As It turns out, writing a small “About Me” section does not fit a BIG “About Me” story of what makes me, ME. So I put it all in there, and if you make it to the bottom of the page, you will understand it all so much better! Happy reading!





Besides “Homemaker”, these days at home, I also go by:

  • Momma Bear
  • Boss Lady
  • Head Diaper Changer (…I’m talking 12 diapers a day here people!)
  • Cleaner of all things in all places at our residence
  • Full time unpaid & untrained chef with a kitchen that never seems to close (the amount of dishes though..am I right?!)
  • Toddler nose blower
  • Toddler and puppy Potty trainer “Doggies go tee-tee outside. And… Boys go tee-tee INSIDE.”
  • Professional go-getter of all sorts of things on all sorts of errands (we drink about 5 gallons of milk a week, my family of four!)

Those are the names I am called, & these are the people I work for:

I am mom to two of the sweetest little blonde haired blue eyed boys. They are my very heart and soul and are just 15 short months apart! Often, they are referred to as my “Irish Twins”, a badge I wear proudly after being pregnant for basically two years straight! I am wife to an amazing husband, who was formerly a Navy man and also an EMT, that I used to run calls with on the Ambulance, (how we met.)

 Some of the memorable calls I ran on the ambulance:

-Meeting an 107 year old woman (who was still sharper than heck) and hearing her talk of her life and life lessons. (She also insisted on putting on her lipstick before going by ambulance to the ER at 3a.m in the morning, which by the way, I totally helped her do because when you make it to that age, you deserve little things like that in my opinion!)

-Back on my Partner’s first day working on the Ambulance, we had two Psychiatric Patient’s both make matter-of-fact comments that we would one day get married. My Partner and I had only just met each other that very day, and laughed about it because it sounded so funny and ridiculous! …Turns out, they were right, we would!

-Transporting a patient to the ER that got stabbed in the arm by a smashed and jagged Tapatio bottle at a Mexican Restaurant (Bad day, right?)
Ok, now I’m wondering if Airlines should ban Tapatio hot sauce…

-Delivering a baby in the back of the ambulance (totally an honor for me, but not so much for the poor agitated and upset Mommy (and rightfully so) that just wanted a darn epidural.)
#badtraffic #sorryaboutthat #dontgiverheranytapatio

-Hiding behind a truck in the middle of the night with some of the fire department crew while a shooter was on the loose down the street (Shout out to the K-9 unit that later took him down and kept us all safe so we could go home to our families)


In Winter of 2010, I ran a call for a man down that needed CPR in a very confined bathroom space. Of the 8 of us on the call, I was the only woman and the smallest frame of all- so I took on the brunt of the CPR in a confined space for as long as I possibly could. Paramedics were on their way, but couldn’t get there fast enough. With time running out and in desperation, the firefighters began tearing down a large hole in the wall around the patient and me, for better access and extraction. (Think major hoarders home when you read this.)

Cramped up with barely enough room to work, I put everything I could into keeping that patient alive for as long as I could. I know it probably sounds cliche, but with each pump of my hands into his chest, I willed him to please just live awhile longer. As you are circled around someone that is dying, desperately trying to get them to live, all disruptions slip away. You don’t hear the crying family members or the dog barking in the background. Lifes radio frequency goes quiet; because you’re more focused than you’ve ever been before. The ones around you are giving their whole mind, body and soul, willing them to live. There is quite simply nothing like it.

Have you ever experienced moments of adrenaline where you don’t even realize you’ve been cut or injured because your heart is racing so fast? Well that was me that night, as I was badly injuring my back underneath it all. That would be the last night I ever worked on the Ambulance. My dreams of Paramedic School, and all its preparationo had shattered into a million unexpected pieces and my journey changed that night.

With my sudden back injury, I was pulled from working on the Ambulance – which took the wind from my sails. My life suddenly became doctor appointment after doctor appointment. No one knew what was wrong with my back. Let me tell you, I became a very detailed researcher online, and navigated my way through understanding very quickly the valid websites that were worth my time from the ones that were garbage. Finally, after years of suffering, and countless doctors, my injury was properly diagnosed. Focused physical therapy, chiropractic mostly healed me, but the will to not give up was my anchor. I couldn’t wait to get back to work, and soon found a position working as a surgical technician/ER TEch in the local Emergency Room.

I loved it there, but my absolute favorite patients were always the little ones. These sweet, scared, little children all had the same look on their face of uncertainty and fear when they arrived. It ate away at me to see them like that, as they or their loved ones were whisked away to receive care with nurses bustling around them in a whirlwind of commotion.

Over time, I made it my personal job to bee line straight for them, grabbing a handful of hospital gloves to blow up into (my attempt at) balloon animals. I would dig through drawers and “borrow” any art supplies I could find, or bring in whatever toys or books I could afford to for those little guys. I just couldn’t leave them to fend for themselves.

I’m sure you guessed, It made my day seeing kids go from scared and crying to pause with sudden curiosity and even a little smile when I showed up to try and cheer them. Even though they were the littlest of patients, they were the biggest of all in my heart. Especially if they were all alone. I felt like their protector. I wanted for them to know it was going to be OK, that no one would ever hurt them. It wasn’t long before I was directly sought out and paged by nurses and doctors to help in patient rooms with little ones.

…Can you even imagine how hard it is to get a urine sample from a scared 4 year old?

I did whatever I could and honestly, it felt like a little bit of soul work. 

Not long after working on the Ambulance and in the ER, I married the love of my life. And yes, If you’ve been following along this whole time, very good-the prediction came true! I did marry my partner after all!

Fast forward to a year later, after 5 trips to L&D, our first son was born!

Baby wiggles their toes and lies on their back in a blue onesie

I was so excited to become a mom, and planned to be a stay at home mom. The pace of life drastically changed and I felt like a stranger in my new role. Honestly, its still hard to admit, but I just felt a bit off in my new role as a Mom. I couldn’t quite place why. I was suddenly responsible for this little tiny human being and he didn’t come with a manual or a schedule! And my schedule? I didn’t have a schedule anymore exactly. I was uncertain and unsure and my work confidence from the world of Emergency Services was gone. This was different.

The advice, “Moms just know,” kept ringing over again and again in my head, from the ones around me. But I didn’t feel like it was just that simple.

I often found myself looking online for answers to various questions that came up as a new mother. Problem was, I never really knew if I could trust the website I was looking at or if the information was that reliable. 

Life was so different with a baby. And I didn’t want to admit that it was somehow lonely in an isolating type of way, but it was. I felt such a disconnection to the hustle and bustle of my old life. Life was continuing around me, but I was home on pause. Though I loved my little one so immensely and our connection together was my everything, I just felt lost. The idea that being a mom was my new role, and my only role- felt off and unusual. The days folded from one into the next and often felt like they were on repeat. I felt a bit programmed and numb and struggled to create a new life for myself as a Mom. It was supposed to be easy and it just wasn’t.

It would be another year before I would learn that I was suffering from Postpartum Depression (PPD).

woman looking through window

Time went on and I was suddenly pregnant with baby number two, just eight months later. Interestingly, in the early weeks of my second pregnancy, my Postpartum Depression abruptly faded and I nearly forgot all about it. 

I was nearing 35 weeks when I got a call on my birthday that my Dad had suddenly died. I was absolutely hysterical and could not calm down. My blood pressure went through the roof and my Obstetrician insisted I be admitted immediately to have an emergency induction at 5 weeks early.  

grayscale photo of woman standing on grass field

I had severe Pre-Eclampsia,

and suddenly, life. got. real. 

With nothing but a purse on my arm, I had gone in for a simple check up and was admitted for Emergency Induction with nearly no choice. If I didn’t deliver, the threat of placental abruption was looming, and likely. I could not calm down and my baby would likely be drastically affected if he was not delivered immediately. “I don’t know how else to say this. Your baby might not make it if you don’t get induced soon, and there could already be damage done” were the gentle yet urgent words from the L&D Doctor at the hospital.  I was not in the slightest ready. I had not packed my hospital bags, had not said goodbye to my toddler and suddenly I had no childcare for him because my family was completely leaving town for my Dad’s funeral in another country. Not my best day.

Someone from above must’ve been looking down on me that night. I left the hospital a week later with a beautiful, strong and healthy baby in my arms. He was perfect. And as one life painstakingly and unfairly left the world, another suddenly entered.

We gave my Dad’s name to my son to carry on in loving memory.

And life had changed.

I was back at home and hit the ground running. I was struggling at adjusting to life with two, and I was mourning my Dad. I remember feeling so emotionally exhausted. Getting out of the house with two small babies was so hard for me. I was also desperately missing a connection to other moms.

So there I was for a second time, needing dependable information online for my little ones and myself. I also wanted so much for there to be a community of moms to come together online, to support each other and to be able to share with other moms when they had a question, answer or an awesome baby hack.

I couldn’t get out of the house easily or often, but I could get online.

 girl wearing grey long-sleeved shirt using MacBook Pro on brown wooden table

So as time went on and I began to heal, I decided to get to work and create just that.

And then Life of Little’s was born.

A place created for Mom’s to connect, to access reliable up to date 2018 information as well as to find recommendations on ideas and products for their ongoing and busy journey of raising little ones. A place for Moms to share with each other, to raise awareness about PPD and to also encourage those of us that go through it that that they aren’t alone and that they can get help and heal.  

I hope Life of Littles can be there to aid you on your journey through parenthood, that it might enlighten you to helpful new baby and toddler methods and connect you to knew mommy friends with a system of support that aids you on your journey.

I hope it brings you a sense of confidence as you research your parenting needs, that you are looking through carefully selected information from only the best of sources.

After all, its the little things that matter most.

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