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Dual Purpose Baby Items
By: Cat. Bishop
Read Time: 25 minutes


10 Dual Purpose Baby Items Your Life Is Missing Out On

Hey Momma, I’ve been thinking lately and had to ask you…
Do you have a favorite life hack?

Or how about a favorite Mommy friend in your life that has it all together, and seamlessly so?

If this is you, please don’t take offense… We are just simply admiring you for a moment. 

For the rest of us:
Have you ever wondered what the secret is?
I sometimes do… So I decided to interview a handful of these rare and intriguing gems in my life from family to professional, to get to the bottom of it.

And you know what it was??


I won’t lie- (there were some unexpected tips in there,) but the one that was a constant from Mom to Mom, was:

The concept of dual purpose and multi functional items!

The idea is a new closet mini obsession of mine, I’ll warn you. There is nearly nothing more satisfying than finding a new baby hack, and once you start, you won’t look at products the same way again…

BUT that is actually a good thing- just trust me. So, from one Mom to another, you’ve got to check this out. I’m going to share with you some of the best baby products of 2018 with this function, many of which I use and depend on every single day and could not do without!


In a nutshell:

The beauty of these items is that they are power packed with smartness. Typically space savers, time and effort saving, and best of all money savers in the long run. And they are just downright clever. So now you can brag (or not- either way!) to all your Mommy friends, because you will be one giant clever step ahead of them and most importantly many steps ahead of your little one. #winning 

I challenge you to try simplifying your life with one of these!

So without further ado, here are some of my personal favorites that very well could have you thinking, “where have you been all of my Mommy Life?!”

Happy reading, my friends!


 The List


Boppy Nursing Pillow with 8 Functions

More Info Here




If you haven’t heard of the term “Boppy” before, just imagine your favorite airplane pillow slightly over stuffed and covered in cute baby print fabric, aiding you as you cradle baby in your arms on it. Especially for moms that have c-sections, it aids tremendously in relieving baby’s pressure off of that tender stomach area. Women have come to know and love this dependable baby pillow. Over time, Mom’s and L&D Nurses have gotten creative with this dependable pillow and employed it for a variety of uses. While some of these uses require supervision, they’re incredibly handy and babies tend to love them! It’s like a nice gentle hug. This breast feeding pillow is also known as a nursing pillow. A baby boppy pillow is a nursing pillow that allows you to better hold your little one while feeding them. These are the best nursing pillows and come with a boppy cover that is washable. If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow, this may also do the trick. This can be wonderful as a tummy time boppy. 

The Perks:

-Can be used traditionally to support baby while they are being held in your arms

 -New Moms can sit on (yes, I said SIT on) for the first couple weeks after delivery

 -Use to prop baby up during tummy time (See 3rd picture above)

 -Can be used for upright seated support of baby around 6 months old

 -Utilize for (a self feeding) baby to lay with head propped up to take bottle (2nd picture)

 -Gives siblings structure and help to hold the new baby in their lap with its support

 -Use on flights or in the car as a travel pillow for kids and grownups alike

 -Can also be used for laptop or writing support on your lap when not at a desk






Nursing Cover Scarf with 6 Plus Functions

More Info Here



This ingenious invention might have you shaking your head as you smile at the brilliance of its simplicity. (Yes, I know how you feel- I wish I would’ve thought of it first too! But now amongst your mommy friends you can be the O.G to share it.)  

No more having to remember your nursing cover on outings anymore. Wherever you are, your baby and the carseat and canpoy are. This product not only saves you the cost of having to buy both items, it is convenient and effortless. Plus its washable with your favorite baby detergent. Does it get any easier than that? This is a carseat cover nursing cover that will make such a difference. A great multi use nursing cover. 

Stretchy nursing cover that will be great for your needs!


The Perks:

-Designed to be used effortlessly as a nursing cover

-Use with ease as a carseat canopy for baby

-Can be used to quickly to simply line the frame of a public highchair or shopping cart, to keep baby clean and away from germs

-Ability to be used as an emergency car window shade block (Just open babies car window a crack, take the open cover and push a couple inches of fabric outside of the window, then roll up the window completely tight to seal. The cover will hang down inside the window and baby will be shaded from that sun!

-Easily can be laid flat as an emergency diaper changing mat

-Can be put over Baby as an emergency baby blanket




Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle System With 8 Functions

More Info Here

Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System (Twin Pack)


Mommy’s… Please meet the baby bottle that cares just as much about Mommy’s busy schedules as it does about baby’s mealtimes!

(Take no offense, and please do not be mislead- I would not trade those sweet and pure moments of feeding my little ones for anything in the world, BUT, here and there, life happens and having a trick up your sleeve like this one can seriously come in handy. At the very least to even just know it exists! !)

So anyways. Yes, it’s really true. This smarty pants of a two in one system takes the fuss out of feeding for all parties involved on a busy day/occasion by allowing baby to take their milk from the nipple as they always have, minus the bottle being held up by Momma!

Yes, It really is hands free while the Podee Bottle of milk stays tucked away conveniently to your little ones ‘side. This is all thanks to the ingenuity of a simple tube like straw that allows the natural suction from Baby to pull milk to their mouth, much like a straw. Suddenly Baby can take their bottle in the stroller, the carseat, or while you have your hands full at home for a few unexpected minutes- its just nice to have on hand. It puts the option back into your life when you need your hands free most.


The Perks:

 -Can be used as an on the go hands free bottle or as a regular bottle

-Ready for on the go use in carseat

-Can be used in the stroller while walking or jogging, rain or shine

-Effective in any baby carrier or baby wrap (just tuck the bottle and be agile)

-Ready for use in a Baby swing

-Inside a grocery cart

-Used at home in many other areas like a baby (vibrating) bouncer

-Also aid in the reduction of stomach gas and discomfort

This is the best of baby bottles. If you are looking for a baby bottle holder, this is seriously the way to go. You really cannot find a better self feeding bottle. When looking for a hands free baby bottle, this was one of the only ones I could find on the market and its a great one. So even though its not an Avent Baby Bottle, the results are amazing and I wish I would’ve learned of this baby bottle sooner. I hope you buy it and try it out!

Claessen’s Kids Kid’Sleep Moon Sleeptrainer – Nightlight
With 7 Functions

More Info Here

 Kids alarm clocks and Ok to wake clocks are a great invention for little ones who cannot tell the time just yet. Looking for the best night lights for kids but also want the best alarm clock for kids? I have you covered. 

There comes a time when all babies are ready for a soft light source in the night. There also comes a later time when your little one is ready for sleep training. Its a common and valid question to wonder how little ones can learn to sleep train without knowing how to read a clock… I remember wondering the same. 

Introducing a visual clock for toddlers and little ones alike. Designed by a Frenchman who gathered up ten years of helpful suggestions from Mothers like you, to recreate his greatest invention. 

The Kid Sleep Moon Sleep Trainer is a brilliant clock that does it all. It lets your little one be a part of the learning process as they easily follow along with simple visual cues from day one! 

Starting as a soft glowing nightlight when your baby is younger,  it seamlessly transitions to a sleep training clock, displaying a sleeping bunny at night time and an awake bunny when its morning and OK to get out of bed. Set with your own wake and sleep time choices, including nap times, weekend options, this clock does it all! It even has a “good night” countdown timer (one of our favorites that sets a visual countdown cue and the option for a soft lullaby also. This product can operate by batteries or cord and has everything you need out of the box.)

We’ve used this product and had the most incredible results. Kids love to be a part of this and are proud to have it. 

*There are three models out of this clock, and I overall recommend the one listed above because its much easier to program and easier to see. But if you are looking for basic or are traveling with kids, check these out below.

The Other Great Models with Very Similar Design

The Basic alarm clock version: more basic, but if you’re looking for something cheaper and simple, its a great basic functioning option-we used it for a good period of time. (Smaller display with images- No color)

The Travel Alarm Clock Version of this, is another clever option that is set up for traveling. So smart! Take it with you on vacation so you can set your little ones up for success – you might even get to sleep in a little! 😉


The Perks:

-Can be used as a night light for the first stage

-Can be used as a sleep training clock for the second stage

-Color changing clock and nightlight that helps little ones better know to stay in bed or wake and get up

-Offers battery or plugin option

-Offers 3 programmable settings for nighttime, nap and weekend

-4 choices of alarm sounds, or no sound

-4 levels of brightness

-4 choices of lullabies are also available at sleep time

 This is a bedtime clock, a nursery or toddler night light and a children’s alarm clock all in one with visual cues to help your little one. It can begin as a baby night light and transition to a kids clock, much like the OK to wake clock, but better .


Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier with 6 Functions

Air Purifier – Noise Box – Nightlight

More Info Here

Its not uncommon for parents to want to question the air quality in their home before bringing a new baby home. Other times, we think about it when moving into a new residence, or a location known for annual wildfires in the summers. Yet again, it comes up again for many when a “fur baby” like a new puppy or kitten becomes the newest addition to the family. These all can affect every person differently, but luckily in our modern world can have one easy solution- an air purifier.

Newer to the industry is the beautiful and elegant Levoit Air Purifier. Not only is this beauty easy on the eyes, it also does many things at the touch of a button. The basic unit can cover the area of a decent sized family room and is easily portable. It also functions as a night light and has a nice hum on “high” described as a gentle refrigerator hum which soothed our little one right to sleep the first night we had it set up.

The Perks:

-Set up to use as an air purifier with 6 month interval filter changes

-It can function as a nightlight with optional settings

-The gentle white noise it puts out can be used as a noise box sound for baby

-Neutralizes air dust

-Reduces various odors including but not limited to wildfire smoke

-Captures pet dander

-Traps allergens


Because we love this unit so much here at my home, I had to include the second edition which we now also use on the main floor of our home. I couldn’t recommend this more!


Levoit LV PUR-131 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter
6 Functions

Air Purifier Home System – Nightlight – Self Senses Air Quality

More Info Here


 This is an air purifier and an air cleaner with an air filter and hepa filter and it is one of the best air purifier for smoke out there. It is a large room air purifier and really holds its own. If you have pets, this is a pet air purifier at its best, people. Air cleaner for the home is an essential thing these days and this is one of the best. If I had to pick one for the whole house air purifier, this would be it, hands down.                             

So, after having such phenomenal experiences with the above Levoit Air Purifier, I couldn’t leave this one out of this list. This bad boy is the ultimate home air purifying system at an affordable price. We’ve all seen those crazy expensive $400 air purifiers and wonder who can afford those kinds of machines. (If you are one of them, we aren’t hating- we are just majorly envious of you!)

For most of us, an overly expensive air purifying system could be a deal breaker because of price. Regardless of this, we all still care about the air we and our children breathe and finding a good unit can be tough…

Let me tell you, I am a little obsessed with ours. Is that weird? This unit won’t let you down. We noticed a dramatic difference by the end of the first day and its been quite the conversational piece for guests who stop by.


We started to notice big changes…

-No more scratchy throats in the morning

-Coughing in the morning was drastically reduced 

-No more stuffed up sinuses and seasonal allergies majorly reduced

-Major cut down on the dust in our home

-Even cooking smells were cut in half, and pet smells too

-Our children sneeze and cough less also

That’s where this hard working machine comes in. My husband teased me about getting so excited over an air purifier- until he saw my miserable summer allergies cut way way down from what they always had been. Now even he brags to the neighbor-because its rare to find something like this out there that isn’t insanely expensive, but still made such a radical difference in our day to day life.

Its a cost effective solution that earns its keep, long term.
I should add, Its also the electronic hero that finally removed that stale sickly smell of cigarettes coming from the neighbors place, that no longer seeps into the front entrance when arriving home to family each night.

Do you remember the fish tank sensor in Finding Nemo??

Unlike the first model, this one has auto sensing and correcting capabilities as it scans/checks the quality of your air 24-7 (or whatever you ask it to set to-yes its that fancy!) The second it senses the air quality to be less than acceptable, it immediately goes to work to improve the air quality for you. (I warned you, I’m completely obsessed with it!)

No more pushing buttons or checking on it, unless you want to. This was one of the big ones for me, that had me saying “Where have you been all my mommy life?!”
Its really OK, I insist…You can thank me later 😉


Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller
ith 4 Plus Uses

Sit & Stand Stroller for Baby & Toddler

More Info Here



Another one of my major favorites that had me wishing I would’ve found this one sooner. With two children, or one with one one on the way, you really cannot find a better stroller than this with so much versatility. There are two seating areas, one for a younger baby and one for the growing toddler in your life, and it isn’t your ordinary stroller either. Check out these handy options! I’ve honestly never loved a stroller before, until I found this one. Even though we all love the costly Britax strollers, this double stroller travel system will change your mind. For a light weight stroller with a simple folding capability, you will love it. Travel system strollers are improving and you will love this one. Its a double umbrella stroller at its best. As a carseat stroller combo, you cannot go wrong with this. It is an infant and toddler stroller at its best!           

The Perks:

-Your toddler can stand or sit (with belt option) in their seat

-The toddler seat has a sliding capability that can move to open access to the storage area below

-Well crafted rain cover is built to cover both children

-Included car seat adapter allows for newborn and young ones to ride in their baby carrier/carseat (baby faces towards you and is safely clipped in)

-The more weight added, the more supported the stroller is-its sturdy!

-With one click, its seamlessly easy to fold town and transports compactly (and is smaller than nearly any other double stroller on the market!)

-Comes with baby tray, parent organizer (which I LOVE) and canopy attached all at just about 25 pounds!

This stroller is life changing. I really could not find a better mid priced stroller for so many needs!



I Robot Braava Jet
4 Plus Functions

More Info Here


OK midway question for you… (P.s If you’re still with me, I’m super impressed and proud of you! …You aren’t messing around with the Baby Hacks and I totally hope we can be friends! 😉 )

Alright! Back to the question!!

…If you were hiring a house cleaner and one candidate charged twice as much for vacuuming and mopping than the other one (who was equally as skilled a candidate), who would you pick? 

A no brainer, correct? …Obviously the cheaper one, right? You could save all those dollar dollar bills for your latte fund, am I right?! 

My husband and I were lucky enough to be given the standard vacuuming I-Robot as a wedding gift, which we did love for a time! But then one day, when our first baby began to crawl around our home (that we shared with our dogs) I realized we needed something more. 

It just wasn’t realistic to mop and vacuum every day… And to the Mom’s out there that somehow manage to accomplish this, (again, I mean no offense, we are just in awe of you!) I totally salute you!

Needless to say, I still could not stand the thought of my baby crawling around on the floors with the dogs going in and out from the yard all day long, but I had another baby on the way and needed to make a change.

I then found the Braava Jet I-Roomba and my life changed for the better in cleaning land! But seriously… It sounds cheesy to say, but it really did. Gone were the days spent trying to mop and vacuum endlessly, and gone were the days of worrying about my little one crawling around on anything brought in from the backyard courtesy of our two 150 pound doggies. Phew!
Click here for a fancier but similar version you might want to check out. 


The Perks:

Mops with a precision jet spray

-Damp sweep mode

-Dry sweep mode

-Can reach in small spaces, around toilets, corners and under cabinets

-Has a vibrating cleaning head that scrubs to get your floors shining clean

-Avoids stairways, and auto maps your home for efficiency

-Has washable cleaning pads for repeated cost effective use

-Pet friendly and can handle pet hair well (I recommend to use the reusable pads for best results

I have read through all of the robot vacuum reviews, and this is the best robot mop and one of the top vacuum cleaners for your time. Self cleaning vacuums like this robot vacuum and mop is the best robot vacuum for pet hair you can find on the market for carpets, hardwood and pet hair. 


Moonybaby Large Video Camera Baby Monitor
7 Plus Functions

More Info Here

MoonyBaby 4.3 inches Large LCD Video Baby Monitor Two Cameras Pack with Power Saving/Vox Mode, Automatic Night Vision & Temperature Monitoring, Two Way Talkback System (MANUALLY Rotated Camera)         


This is another one of my most used, and most appreciated dual purpose baby items in our household. I know you may be thinking “this isn’t for me. I don’t need a camera to manage my children”, but you might change your mind like I did and be pleasantly surprised! My husband and I never imagined we would use a camera for our little ones, but after we received this for a gift before our second baby was born, we decided to give it a try. After all, it was free-so what was the harm? 

This camera actually made me realize how much time I was wasting in the day! As it turns out, running up and down the stairs a dozen times during nap times isn’t too productive for me in the long run If I ever want to get anything done in the day. #mommysaver #timesaver #lifesaver


The Perks:

wireless system

-color and night vision settings automatically switches

-switches between both monitors automatically or can stay on one if desired

-connects through the Hubble App to wireless devices like phones and tablets for on the go viewing 

-Shows sound, motion and temperature in each room and can notify you to alert you if any of your designated parameters change (i.e if a room gets too hot)

-Camera can pan, tilt and scan a room as well as zoom

-Camera can be set on a shelf or mounted

-Two way communication feature allows you to communicate back and forth with toddlers or grownups in the rooms with cameras if needed

-Has a phenomenal 12 month warranty policy plan through Amazon for repare or replacement if the unit is defective in workmanship or materials

If you are looking for the best 2 camera baby monitor and also at cheap baby monitors, this is the one for you. The best baby monitor with camera is by far Moonybaby and you will see why. This is the best baby monitor in 2018. For a camera monitor, look no further. 

Delta Children Emery 4 in 1 Convertible Crib, Grey
4 Functions

More Info Here



If ever there was a crib that was truly worth its money, it would be the convertible crib. As you can see, this clever crib is capable of four different setups which are all very useful. We would never buy another type of crib and have sworn by this type since discovering it. These days we expect more from the items we buy, especially when buying a baby crib and this one and models like it will not steer you wrong. 

The Perks:

-Solid wood crib

-Simple instructions, easy to build and convert

-Converts from Infant/baby crib to Toddler Bed with Training Rail

-It then converts from Toddler Bed to Daybed 

-Again converting from Daybed to Full Size Bed with Head Board

-Grows with your little one with Three Different Mattress Heights (so you can lower the crib height as baby begins to sit and later stand)

-Sturdy and built to last through many children (We have used ours with two babies so far, and it was used before us with two more children – talk about resilient!) 

-This also means it has great promise to be re sold or donated after use which is always nice

If you are looking for the best baby cribs in 2018, or just for the best baby crib under $100, you will find it  here on this blog. Amazon baby cribs won’t steer you wrong. From modern crib, to wooden crib, these are some of the best convertible cribs on the market. I also listed mini baby cribs and a crib with storage. Enjoy!

Here are a few more types of cribs in different price points so you can see them at all levels. No matter how fancy or simple you want the crib to be, the concept of the 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 convertible crib is still the same, which is wonderful. 





Mini – Convertible Dream on Me Addison 4 in 1

Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini Crib, White




Basic – Dream On Me 3 in 1

Dream On Me, Classic 3 in 1 Convertible Crib, Espresso


Middle Range – (Listed above)



Sorelle Berkley 4 in 1 Convertible Crib & Changing Station

Delta Children Birkley Convertible Crib N Changer


Please keep in mind, should you decide to choose the used crib route for your little one, please be sure to check that the crib is up to date enough that it meets current 2018/2019 safety requirements.


Cribs with “Drop Down Sides” can be incredibly dangerous and are not recommended. If you do have one, check with the manufacturer to see if they offer hardware to immobilize that side of the crib, for the safety of your baby. (Drop sides have been linked to at least 32 infant deaths to date, and is something I encourage you to just avoid-even if you have a special antique family crib. Its not worth it. Consumer Reports heavily advises against it.

For a great article on this, please read


-Consumer Reports Helpful Buying Guide Here


-Crib Recall Search List here

Green Sprouts BPA Free Water Bottle Cap Adapter

3 Functions

More Info Here

Green Sprouts Water Bottle Cap Adapter Toddler, (Pack of 3)

If you have kids, you are likely carrying around several water bottles in your car and purse at all times. They get dropped and tossed, they leak and they spill. Lets be real here… its a fuss sometimes!
Please meet one of my smallest baby hacks with the biggest power! This little cap packs a punch with its ability to fit nearly all sizes of water bottles, making any bottle something your child can easily drink from. With its double sided options, you can easily pick whichever side fits your water bottle better and hand it off to your little one to drink from without the mess! These guys are cheap, and well worth it to keep in your bag! Because even if you love your kids with their own water bottles, life happens and there will come a time when you wished you had this!

The Perks

-Cheap in cost

-Small and lightweight 

-Easy to open and easy to put on a water bottle

-Leak proof

-Double sided options to support a snug fit with a tight seal

-Child friendly drinking spout 

-BPA Free




Well, I hope you enjoyed this lengthy list of Dual Purpose Items! I hope this sparks some new ideas, a bit of inspiration and a healthy good old challenge to try something new that simplifies a part of your life. Because at the end of the day, we owe it to ourselves to have some mommy time and these products can help you get there.




Do you have a great baby hack or dual purpose item that isn’t on this list? 

I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Happy Dual Purpose Hunting!

Till Next Time, 

Sending out cute slobbery baby kisses from my Little’s,


Life of Littles

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