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Best Scandinavian Baby Names 2018
By: Cat.
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The Best Scandinavian Baby Names of 2018
-You will fall in love with-

Hey Mommas! I’ve been seeing some major baby name posts going around on Pinterest lately and couldn’t help but chime in because I noticed something major was missing that just wasn’t right… There were no Scandinavian Baby Names!! 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet, I’m half Danish with a Father that was born in Denmark, so I carry my Danish Pride quite seriously and try to throw it in whenever possible. (I mean… I even managed to recently iron on a Danish Flag Patch onto my little ones Preschool Backpack and was quite pleased with with myself.)

I probably shouldn’t add that I totally tried to Mom Hack my way out of using the actual iron by cutting corners and trying to use my Hair Straightener instead of the actual iron that was up one flight of stairs in the laundry room.

What? … That’s an entire set of stairs and two baby gates away. Choices, people. …Choices. 
Let me save you from this experience by confirming what you already guessed- BAD idea. Now my iron smells like hot melted plastic… But the Danish Flag Patch? Its SOLID. That thing isn’t going anywhere! So that’s … a win! …Right? 🙂

Well anyways, I just wanted to say even though I’m a bit biased on this topic, I do think that Scandinavian names are spectacular on there own account because of the strength and particular uniqueness behind them. Scandinavians had hard lives and were a kind people. So much of the Pacific Northwest that surrounds my home where I live has been influenced by the rich culture of these People as they resettled here so long ago for the promise of honest work and a better life for their beautiful families.

Ok, Ok, SORRY- not trying to go all history lesson lady on you!

Alright, here are those Scandinavian Baby names as promised! Included, you will find: Scandinavian baby boy names, Scandinavian baby girl names, Nordic baby names, some Swedish boy names, Swedish Girl names, and of course Danish names also. Some of the Scandinavian boy names are my favorite, and were passed down generations in my Danish Family. 
This list was created with the help of my Scandinavian Friends, to Americans with Love 🙂 Enjoy!

P.s At the bottom, please find more links to some awesome extra Scandinavian and Nordic baby name online sources if you wish to continue looking!


Scandinavian Baby Girl Names

Annasophia Christina Greta Linnea
Anna Ebba Hanna Margit
Birgit Elsa Ingrid Mia
Britt Frida Kirsten Mai


Britta Greta Liv  Sigrid
Carina Sophia Lorelei Tilde
Charlotta Katrine Margareta Vivica
Eva (Ava) Lisabet Siri Sunniva


Scandinavian Baby Boy Names

Bjorn Gunnar Jakob Niels
Finn Hendrik Kennet Niklaas
Diederik Henrik Lars Odin
Emil Iver Leif Peder


Ragnar Thor Tomas Viggo
Sigmund Ulrik Tove Kristoffer
Soren Svend Carsten Axel
Sten Anders Ericson Berge


Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of Scandinavian Baby Names (and Nordic ones too!) It was a shorter list because many are not easily pronounceable here in the states (trust me, I would know- I spent 26 years telling people how to pronounce my Danish last name here in the States! But the pronounceable ones on the other hand, are too adorable to pass up, so enjoy!) 


If you are still stuck on your baby name kick and want to keep searching, check out Babbles selection that has a larger list of these awesome names! 



A Handbook of Scandinavian Names by [Coleman, Nancy L., Veka, Olav]

Or get going with this awesome and cheap book from Amazon – which is one to enjoy and pass on when you are done to other family that shares your love for Scandinavian Baby Names! This is also available for immediate  download!









Danish Baby Names: Names from Denmark for Girls and Boys by [Fisher, Jeffrey]

What? …You know I had to put this one in here, for all my Danish people out there! This is another great (and cheap!) guide that is sure to get you brainstorming some Scandinavian Baby Names for your little one on the way!

Click Here For More Info or to order!








As promised, here is that extra bonus list of Scandinavian Baby Name links to help you on your search! Happy Hunting 🙂

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Do you have a great Scandinavian baby name that isn’t on this list? 

I would love to hear about it!

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Happy Scandinavian Baby Name Hunting!

You got this! And that beautiful baby is sure to have a beautiful name!
Let me know what you decide on! I would love to hear 🙂

Till Next Time, 


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