Christian Baby Names 2018
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Christian Baby Names 2018


Christian Baby Names are strong, honorable and respected.

And with just one word, a Christian Baby Name can carry so much.


…Can you see it yet? Can you envision your sweet brand spanking new pink little baby all bundled up in your arms? They are snuggled up with you and warm, despite that awkward yet cute over-sized hospital ID tag that loves to stick out of the blankets from their tiny little ankle.


Now imagine their name printed there, that perfect christian baby name, that you have so thoughtfully  blessed them with. Its carefully typed out in black lettering and finally real in front of you for the very first time.


There is really nothing more beautiful than a brand new baby being blessed with a beautiful Christian baby name, am I right? They are strong and honorable names, and they are very respected. There is just something about them (not something that you can touch) that Christian Baby Names carry. Its on a whole different level than many other baby names and your heart feels so proud to say it when people ask your little ones new name. 


This list is a collaboration of names from all forms of Christianity that flow and pair well with modern life. Some are directly pulled from the bible, particularly the new testament stories. Other names have relation to Christian Saints or particular central figures in Christianity. Enjoy and happy name hunting!


P.s Because I am SO excited for you, and I want you to succeed in finding that absolutely perfect Christian Baby Name, at the bottom of these lists please find some carefully selected extra links for Christian Baby Names 2018 lists. I want you to be able to keep on adding to your ‘maybe baby’ list! Best of luck!!  I can’t wait to hear what you choose!!



 Christian Baby Girl Names




Abigail Ava Cecilia Eden
Adriel Beatrice Christina Eve
Anne Bethany Diana Evi
Anna Catherine Elizabeth Faith

baby on white and gray mat


Grace   Joan Lydia Naomi
Hannah Joanna Magdaline Sia
Hazael Julian Margaret Susanna
Hope Lillian Mary Theresa



 Christian Baby Boy Names




Benjamin Daniel Jonah
Christian Gabriel Joseph
Christoper Isaiah Luke
Cruz James Luther


Mark         Philip Theo
Mathew            Samuel Thomas
Michael          Simon Timothy
Peter            Stephen Tobias



I hope you found some inspiration with this list and perhaps even a possibility or two to add to your baby name list! You are on the right track, and having found this page there is no doubt that you are going to pick a wonderful name.


Be sure to connect with me on Facebook and let me know what names are on your list! You can also check out another great post on Scandinavian Baby Names that has some other great options for your little ones new name 🙂


Want to continue your search for more Christian Baby Names 2018? Here are some amazing links to more Christian Baby Names from some of my favorites in this category-Enjoy!


As promised, here is that extra bonus list of Christian Baby Name 2018 links to help you on your search! Happy Hunting 🙂


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And here is an amazing book to find your perfect name!

I have this one and loved it well. Then passed it on and its still circulating through family and friends 🙂

It was helpful, cheap and arrived quickly straight to my door- what more could a pregnant momma ask for?! 🙂

Classic Biblical Baby Names


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Ok, beautiful Momma, Happy Christian Baby Name Hunting!


You got this! And that beautiful baby is sure to have a beautiful name!
And let me know what you decide on! I would love to hear 🙂 Always makes me smile!


Till Next Time, 




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