Making Diaper Rash Cream at Home

This brilliant recipe (passed down through generations) is an easy to blend melody of ingredients that work well together to treat a variety of diaper rash causes. Soothing even the sorest of most baby bums while its triple active agents mend and treat working as a cure all.

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About this Recipe

By: Bishop Family

Collect your ingredients as well as your mortar and pestle. Be sure to grind each ingredient very finely, so that the cream can become as smooth as possible for your little ones tender bottom. This solution can be applied at each diaper change, followed by a dusting of Baby Powder or Corn Starch over the affected area to allow the cream to be properly absorbed by baby’s skin and not the diaper.


Lotion should be hypoallergenic and baby safe. Antacid should be tablet form like Tums finely crushed. (Try to pick the white or beige colored ones if possible.) Liquid Antacid can work if substitute needed. Anti-fungal Cream should be Lotrimin or Lamasil Cream only. Cortisone Cream can be the generic. Unscented Baby Powder or Cornstarch is fine.

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Ok, Mommas! Lets Do This! 
Lets mend those tender little baby bottoms!

Quick Side Note:

When to see a Doctor:

If you have pause when looking at your baby’s rash, you may be wondering if its time to take them in. Here is a solid way to find out:
Read this great & quick web link from Momtastic and evaluate from there. Be sure to trust your instincts also!

Step by Step Instructions
DIY Diaper Rash Cream 

Step 1

Collect all ingredients, minding that they are all the most natural and gentle products you can find. (The more hypo allergenic the ingredients, the faster healing for your little one.)

Step 2

Add the dry antacid tablets (about 3 = 1 TBS) to the mortar bowl and crush into a very fine powder.

Step 3

Next, add the Lotion, Anti Fungal Cream and the Cortisone Cream mixing until completely incorporated and smooth to touch. (If you feel granules, keep mixing.)

Step 4

Carefully scrape and spoon the mixture into an airtight container. Be sure to label & date it, throwing out after 4-6 weeks time. Be sure to wash hands after.

Step 5

Apply mixture to baby’s clean & dry bare bottom liberally followed by a good dusting of baby powder to keep it from sticking to the diaper. Allow 24-48 hours for results. Continue until healed. 

Note: If rash persists or worsens past the 24-48 hour window of time, seek professional medical advice with a Pediatrician.


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People Who’ve Made This

“This diaper rash cream has saved me from taking my little guy to the doctor dozens of times. You really can’t beat a made at home cure-all ointment! Thank you!”

“For awhile it seemed my twin baby girls were getting diaper rashes one after the next. To be able to have this in my vault of mommy hacks has saved me time and time again from having to take them in for a checkup. This stuff fixes the rash before it has a chance to get bad. I couldn’t ask for more. ”


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