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Wondering if this article applies to your Prenatal Vitamin too?
It does. Big time. 
Grab your nice hot latte and curl up on the couch for this read, (or your Prenatal tea- that works too!)


Man, doesn't a latte sound so good right about now? (We will talk about Prenatal Vitamins soon, don't worry.) Let me tell you, I was at Starbucks the other day ordering my coffee for the busy afternoon with my toddlers (Irish twins, by the way) when the Barista was yawning behind the counter.

She was actually holding her finger out at me gesturing to wait as she made it through her big ol’ yawn!  


person holding white and green Starbucks ceramic mug


I joked that she was in the right place to fix that with a nice espresso.


...Or three.




She flashed me half a smile and said she’d given up caffeine.





 “You did WHAT?” I asked, as one of my toddlers cutely mimicked my dramatic question beside me, with his little hands held up in the air.


We both smiled at his antics, and when I asked why she was giving up coffee, she brightened up and told me she was six weeks pregnant 🙂


We laughed and talked for a few about her dilemma.. 


woman holding clear drinking glass


Here was this beautiful Momma-to-be, working at Starbucks with that lovely smell of coffee right in front of her, pouring those gorgeous foamy piping hot drinks and not able to indulge.


It's a beautiful and honorable commitment to make for her little one, but it's got to be brutal.  Everyone knows pregnancy is exhausting. 


Chances are, you’ve probably heard that the classic tiredness and fatigue pregnant women feel is nature's way of keeping these amazing women safe. Their bodies are conserving energy (OK, pretty much 'hoarding energy' in my mind) to magically grow a fully functioning human being in less than a years time!

...Of course they are going to be exhausted. Growing amazingness kind of just does that to a woman.


But what can we do about the exhaustion besides naps and breaks?  

 man kissing woman's forehead while lying on bed



That day at Starbucks, I was racking my brain for some energy tips to give her but I just couldn't think of any that didn't require a caffeinated beverage or a nap!


And that really bugged me. I'm a mom of two. I need to know that! #Mombrain... Serious mom brain. 


Being a total research queen and lover of helping people, I had to dig in and get some info. 


So later that day when I searched google for some answers, every single blog post that came up promised to give me an energy fixing solution for pregnancy, but their answer were always the same:


-Take naps and "take it easy”. 


That isn't a solution to me. That is what I like to refer to as "Fluff".  Yes, it can certainly help- but there has to be something more than that!


Fluff /fləf/


Noun : A bunch of words with little to no meaning or value. 
Synonyms: Filler, Empty words, Little meaning, Garbage.


Informal: "I learned nothing from that blog post- it was a bunch of fluff!" 


Ok, now I'm done having fun with that-lets get back to the serious talk we were about to have... 


So here I am, on a mission to get the answers and spread the word. So somewhere out there, a Pregnant Momma that is searching for the answer might be helped.


But here's where things got pretty interesting and a bit alarming...


three person pointing the silver laptop computer



What I found was a little disturbing, but let me start at the beginning just briefly. 


I've got you covered, girl.


After doing some serious research, talking with Naturopaths, A pregnancy dietitian and an OBGYN, I needed to share this with you.


First off, the solution to better energy for Mom that also supports Baby in a healthy way, most consistently and continuously was with the right prenatal.


All three interviewed agreed on that without hesitancy, but something bigger came to light during the research process. 


Many manufacturers of Prenatal Vitamins work very hard to keep you in the dark about this, dear Momma friend. 


There are two different types of Prenatal Vitamins. Depending on which you choose, your outcome could significantly differ negatively or positively for you and your unborn baby.


There are two types of Prenatal Vitamins. 


(This also applies to vitamins & minerals in general)


Prenatal Vitamins are constructed in one of two ways: 


-They are either derived from raw natural foods from the earth


-Or they are created by synthetic compounds in a laboratory


Let me break these down for you. Because you are gonna want to hear this. 


First we have...



Synthetic Compound Vitamins


refill of liquid on tubes


Synthetic Vitamins: Vitamins and mineral supplements (including prenatal vitamins) that have been created and processed by manufacturers using synthetic and chemical properties that are artificially constructed to mimic ingredients found in natural and raw vitamins. 



In simple words: Synthetic Prenatal Vitamins are created in laboratory test tubes. During this occurrence, the lab builds compounds similar to raw vitamins- but at the end of the day, they are not the real thing. They are synthetic. Your body does not always know what it is trying to process and often disposes of it. This causes you to lose out on the nutrition you were seeking without even knowing it. 


It is not helpful to you in any way. I.e (Think of this as buying pair of socks from the store, but you get home and find out it is actually only one sock, not two. (Just follow me with this, you'll see where i'm going with this in a minute!)



They are fairly inexpensive to buy. They do provide some nutrients, and are better than no vitamins at all.
(i.e...One cheap sock is sure better than having no socks at all. Even worse, the one sock is made cheaply with fake synthetic products. You're not happy because this sucks.)




-Since they are synthetic, they are not well recognized by your body and do not absorb nearly as well as Raw vitamins do.

- The “nutrients” are made from a base constructed of chemicals that were not meant for human consumption, including but not limited to:

-coal tars - toxic

-nicotine - toxic

-alloxal - toxic

-Because they are synthetic, they are not well recognized by your body and therefore do not absorb anywhere close to how Raw Prenatal Vitamins do.

-The body often disposes of these incomplete synthetic nutrients instead, because they are not whole, so therefore cannot be processed. (Remember, think of it as one sock, not a complete pair of socks. You can't use a single poor quality sock very well, so its likely that you'll throw it out.)

(...Look, I know - its totally an odd analogy, but it works! ...I think. Please just humor me. I get really excited when I make up a good analogy, it doesn't happen very often!)


Check out this alarming fact: 

“In a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers gave 15 mothers different amounts of vitamin E in a capsule that contained both the natural and synthetic forms of the nutrient five days before giving birth.

The dosage given ranged from 15 to 300 international units.

At delivery, the researchers found nearly twice the amount of the natural vitamin E (from the Raw Prenatals Vitamins) in the mother's' own blood, than of the synthetic vitamins. They also found nearly 3.5 times the amount of natural vitamin E in their placental cords compared to the synthetic vitamin E.”

selective focus photo of person's hand with gold-colored ring in it


In simple words: Yuck. And "no thank you," to Manufacturers of synthetic vitamins. And oh yeah, "Shame on you. " 

Who would willingly choose a vitamin like that? Granted, If you knew what you were choosing, and could afford either Prenatal, chances are, you would probably choose Raw Natural Prenatal Vitamins. And if you wouldn't please comment and tell me why? I would be very interested to understand your viewpoint. Genuinely. 


I would be so interested in seeing a poll completed on the amount of women that would still elect to take Synthetic Prenatal Vitamins if they actually knew what they really were. Because I want to believe every woman out there truly wants the best for their body and their baby, don't you?


I don't know about you... but I'm gonna stick with real raw Prenatal Vitamins, that come from the Earth. . . 


Where are my manners- let me explain about Raw Prenatal Vitamins and tell you why they are my go to and should be yours.


 Raw Prenatal Vitamins

woman holding green leafs
Let start with this: They come from the Earth and they are real.


These vitamins are your best way to consistently get your energy levels back up and give complete nutrition to your growing baby inutero while supporting you on your journey to labor & delivery. 


Raw Vitamins: Are created from real food. From raw vegetables and raw fruit and then broken down into vitamin and mineral form. When you turn the Vitamin Bottle over and read the ingredients, they are things you recognize like Broccoli, Blueberries, Kelp, Strawberries and more.

Your body recognizes this easily because it is natural - very much identical to the foods you eat on the daily that are natural and real, from the earth. 

 green leafed plant


In simple words: Those were simple words? ...Nice, right? What a concept! 


Positives: Raw Prenatal Vitamins are the real deal. They are a comprehensive, whole-food multi-nutrient formula, derived from whole foods. This means Raw Food Created Nutrients that are then blended in a base of over two dozen fruits and vegetables and food cofactors, not sinthetic.

This means no yucky synthetic binders, fillers, fake colors, sweeteners, artificial flavors or any of the many additives commonly used in Synthetically created tablets. 


Also: You will know they are real and raw because you can turn the bottle over in your hands and actually pronounce and read the ingredients, because they come from the earth and are traceable! 


Negatives: Because of the work and commitment that goes into creating this genuine product and because it provides specifically formulated ingredients to better women in their childbearing age, they cost a little more than the synthetic prenatal vitamins. Nothing crazy, but hey, its kind of worth it. Big time. 



                     Benefits within Raw Prenatal Vitamins               


person holding beans


They commonly offer fatigue fighting and energy promoting things like:



-Vitamin B 12

-Green Tea

-Riboflavin (Maintains Energy)

-Thiamin/B1 (Raises Energy)

-Iron (Prevents Anemia which causes Fatigue)


 Made Simply, Honestly, Cleanly

...They are from the Earth, not from a Lab tubewoman holding green leafed seedling


What if you can’t give up that sacred cup of coffee? What if caffeine is a non negotiable for you?


The American Pregnancy Association states that “pregnant women should limit caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day. This is equal to about one 12 oz cup of coffee.”

Look, I know a 12 ounce cup of coffee might sound shockingly small- but you can do this! Whatever you set your mind to, you can do. 

And it all starts with the right Prenatal, so you can set yourself up for success. Because there, underlining your entire movement through the day, is that prenatal's goodness, fueling you from the inside out with the best of the best, that comes from our earth if you choose Raw Prenatal Vitamins. 


*Before making any changes to your diet or If you have any dietary concerns or restrictions, be sure to speak with your OBGYN about Prenatal and supplementation options to find whats best for your individual needs before, during and after pregnancy.



What Raw Prenatal Is Right For Me?



Here are some phenomenal brands, that came highly recommended from my interviews.
The first, recommended by the nutritionist i spoke with.


My Kind Raw Prenatal

Garden of Life Multivitamin for Women - mykind Organic Women's Once Daily Whole Food Vitamin Supplement, Vegan, 60 Tablets





My Kind - Raw Prenatal

Organic + Vegan Friendly (Certified by Vegan Action)

Start taking pre-conception, Also available in gummy form.

These came very recommended by a local Nutritionalist and Obgyn both.





Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal Vegetarian Multivitamin Supplement with Folate, Iron, Probiotics & Ginger | Non-GMO, Dairy & Gluten Free, Best Whole Food Vitamin for Mom & Baby, 90 Capsules



The second one, I personally take and have taken for the last 5 years. It was also recommended by the OBGYN I interviewed as her number one choice in Prenatal Vitamins.

I love that it has no after taste, does not give me heartburn and I notice such a difference when I take it during pregnancy!


And Lastly: Naturelo Prenatal Whole Vitamins

NATURELO Prenatal Whole Food Multivitamin - with Natural Iron, Folate and Calcium - Vegan & Vegetarian - Non-GMO - Gluten Free - 180 Capsules | 2 Month Supply

★ Supports Healthy Pregnancy ★ Aids Mom’s Energy & Wellness ★ Provides Gentle Nourishment for the Baby's Brain, Heart and Bones ★ Can be Used During Postnatal Breastfeeding After Birth


A common Question: 

What resources are best to look into the particulars of Prenatal vitamins and their particular values? 


Here are some amazing links to easy to read information to help you find your best Prenatal Vitamin for you and your particular needs:

And, because you are here reading this, I know you are going to make some great choices with your Prenatal Vitamin for your baby and your body, because you care- so here are some links to help make it as easy as possible! 

-So read up, if you want to know more & get educated

-Or simply order some of the recommended Prenatal vitamins below, I did the research for you so I promise you will be glad you did!


The Multi Vitamin Guide was heavily recommended for its detailed but easy to read chart on which Vitamins Ranked highest to lowest/ Best to Worst in a long list of both Raw & Synthetic Vitamins. Take a look for yourself (scroll down a couple paragraphs to see the chart) before you choose to purchase your Prenatal's!


The American  Pregnancy Website is fantastic and full of great information on Prenatal and Vitamin information and so much more.



I just want to put choice back into your hands.

For you to know there is a choice to make,
in order to give yourself the best,

from the best.

woman closing her eyes near pile of logs


You are worth it, Momma friend. 


I hope this article was informative, and that you can feel prepared and confident in finding the right Prenatal without being tricked by Manufacturers who are just in it for your money. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me. 


Do you have any helpful tips on great vitamins, or a recommendation you love?



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